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Next steps?

New resources have been developed since then and a new leadership team is in place to serve the communication needs of the Jesuits.

If you have not already done so, please navigate to the National Jesuit website for vocational discernment, where you will find a wealth of resources and ready access to new friends and spiritual directors.

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Finding God, December 2013

This Christmas allow yourself to be surprised by gifts, give wholeheartedly, and ask to become a way for God to give his gifts through you.

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Putting Our Gifts Together

When we offer gifts and our gift-giving is matched by the gifts of another, we find ourselves living in a community of generosity. This was the experience of the first Jesuits when they met as roommates at the University of Paris so many years ago.
As you’ve undoubtedly already heard, on Tuesday Pope Francis canonized St. Pierre Favre, SJ (Peter Faber) and so the three original companions are now all saints. Ignacio de Loyola, Francisco Javier, and Pierre Favre each had distinct gifts and each would have lived a remarkable life …

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Who Gets Your Gifts This Year?

Rather than a culmination of the previous year, Advent and Christmas celebrate the beginning of a new liturgical year.
The period of waiting and anticipation that constitute the retreat-like atmosphere of the season places us in a spirit of hope. And it’s a time for list making. Christmas card lists. Gift lists. New Year resolution lists. And all this presupposes the gratitude of the harvest season that is now long past. We’ve taken stock of the ways we’ve been gifted and the ways we’ve been blessed. Now we turn ourselves over …

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Finding God, November 2013

Every evening as my community gathers in our recreation room before dinner, I get to enter mission territory. It may look like a well lit room, with comfortable furniture, and sometimes even snacks, but it demands every bit as much Christ-centered missionary spirit as any snake infested jungle.

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St. José Maria Pigattelli, SJ

Fleeing the Province of Aragón, thirty-year-old José took responsibility for 500 Jesuits traveling first to Corsica and then to Genoa and finally on to Bologna. He would eventually establish a Jesuit novitiate to keep alive the giving of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and the handing on of the Constitutions of the Society.