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Finding God October 2013

12 October 2013 3 Comments

– by Fr. Jack Bentz, SJ

Does it still fit, Sweetie?Remember what if felt like on that first cold fall day, to get out that old sweater and find it suddenly way too short in the arms? Somehow, without you even noticing, the shoulders are now too narrow for what you are trying to fit into them? Hey, guess you grew over the summer! Good news for for the NBA, bad news for trying to keep warm in this particular sweater.

This happens with your life too. One day you wake up and realize you are uncomfortable, feeling squeezed in, somehow living the wrong size life. It used to fit. What happened? Yup, you grew. And just like that sweater, you can pretend for a short period of time that it works, that if you keep your arms in and hunch a bit it all fits. But you know it doesn’t. And it’s time for a new sweater, time for a new life.

This is a great time to ask God, what is this new life going to be about? And, for your part, when you answer this — be intentional, dream big, and think with your heart. What gives you joy? What are you on earth for? How much can one person do in the world? Take time in silence asking for direction. And then listen — where? when? with whom?

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