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Finding God, December 2013

19 December 2013 Comments Open

– Fr. Jack Bentz, SJ

Two is better than one. Duh.1. Sometimes a gift doesn’t look like a gift when you first get it. When a young woman is suddenly expecting a child, not only outside of wedlock but also outside the normal, natural, action of human sexuality; it certainly is a surprise, and eventually seen as a gift. And yet, Mary giving birth to Jesus who is The Gift, God’s most precious Gift, began as a surprise and gradually revealed itself as a gift. What can you claim as gift in your life?

2. Ask yourself this Christmas, is your status made greater because of the gifts you receive or the gifts you give? Think about it. What are philanthropists, parents, and potlatch-going native peoples doing with all that generosity? Are they misguided or guided by a light that helps them to wholeness through generosity? Are they fighting scarcity with abundance? Can you?

3.  What is the dynamic you choose to be part of this Christmas? Do you want to live your life as a single, brightly decorated gift or as a plain but useful table supporting a whole pile of gifts? If you have a choice, choose to become a table, holding gifts you have been given lightly, and available to those who need them.

This Christmas allow yourself to be surprised by gifts, give wholeheartedly, and ask to become a way for God to give his gifts through you.

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