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[25 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on Commitment to Servant Leadership | ]
Commitment to Servant Leadership

Q. One of things you’re known for is giving students opportunities to help direct their peers on retreats. What do you look for in these student leaders? What qualities has experience taught you are integral for leadership at this level?
A. I look for faith in Christ, passion, a willingness to be transparent and a desire to be a servant…someone who can get beyond themselves to participate in the common good.
Q. A lot of the good work you do with students and staff is really measurable only in qualitative terms, isn’t …

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[26 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on The Vocation of Leadership | ]
The Vocation of Leadership

~with Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, former President of Gonzaga University. Fr. Spitzer is currently President of the Magis Center of Reason and Faith and the Spitzer Center for Ethical Leadership.
Q. I’ve heard you credit Jesuits like Dave Leigh with helping you discern your vocation. What are the qualities you saw in him and did it have anything to do with being a good mentor?
A. When I was a student at Gonzaga, I respected David Leigh first as an intellectual – who is also a genuinely faith-filled …

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[20 Feb 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
Leadership and Vocations

~ with Michelle Etchart, Director of Leadership Development at Seattle University
Q. You spend a lot of time with university students. What does being a leader mean to them, in relation to who they might feel called to be in life?
A. Students come to us with many ideas about leadership and how it relates to them. As a part of our mission, we try to help support them in discerning their own leadership path as an expression of their unique passion and purpose. One student might find a …

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[15 Jan 2010 | 7 Comments | ]
Model of Collaboration: Fey y Alegría

Fe y Alegría is a Movement for Integral Popular Education and Social Development whose activities are directed to the most impoverished and excluded sectors of the population, in order to empower them in their personal development and their participation in society.
It is a movement which unites people in a process of growth, self-criticism and the search for answers to the challenges presented by human needs. It concerns education because it promotes the formation of persons who are conscious of their own potential and of the reality about them; who are …

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[15 May 2009 | Comments Off on Regional Sustainable Development | ]

~an excerpt from the Regional Sustainable Development Plan of Action by the Oregon Jesuits
Our Vision
We recognize the inherent tension between such a holistic, sacramental vision of sustainability and other existing models. However, a Jesuit, Catholic perspective assumes that God’s plan and God’s will are definitive in working out human destiny and that this destiny is inextricably linked with the interdependence of all creation. Thus individual persons and human communities as spiritual, religious entities serve God who is both transcendent and immanent when their cherishing and fostering of the material realm …