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Finding God October 2013

What about when things change?

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A Man Can Change

the poetry of American poet Marvin Bell…. something to reflect on.

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Entrance Day 2013

West Coast Jesuit Novitiate filled to capacity.

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Get on the Bus

(On this Earth Day 2013, we invite you to “get on the bus” with us as we go “green” in this issue of our ACTS blog.  After all, being good stewards of the gift of God’s creation is a topic of importance to the Society of Jesus.   For more on “Green Christianity”, also see “Eco Catholic” by the National Catholic Reporter which is “an exploration of the green Catholic imagination and ecological spirituality.”)
~by Fr. Drew Christiansen, SJ for America Magazine (vol. 208, no. 12; whole …

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Where in the World?


If you are a Green Christian and need some info, support, encouragement, or grounding (pun intended!)—You can have it all at the Ignatian Jesuit Centre in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  
Since 1913, the Canadian Jesuits have been tilling the soil at The Centre and producing abundant crops for the Jesuit community in the area.  
Today, the center serves as a leader in sustainable agriculture, harmonizing consumer demand for nutritious locally grown food with a commitment to preserving and enhancing the environment.  
Click on the links below and discover what Pierre Tielhard de …