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Summer 2010

Back in the good old days, Jesuits first learned of their new assignments when notice was posted on the community bulletin board. It was called The Status. We still have The Status, and it’s still posted on our bulletin boards, but now the men being moved get some advance notice. It’s not the surprise it once was. This year’s Status has lots of changes around the province, and we thought you might like to hear about a few of them. Consider this your own private bulletin board.

Fr. Tom Lankenau has served as the Executive Assistant (Socius) to the Provincial for the past two years. He moves to Spokane this summer, where he’ll be vocation promoter and also teach at Gonzaga Preparatory School. Teaching juniors will not necessarily be any easier than the job he’s had.

Jerry Cobb, SJFr. Jerry Cobb is well-known around Seattle University where he has taught English Literature and run the very successful Sullivan Scholars program. Jerry is moving to Portland to replace Fr. Pat Conroy as the Provincial’s Assistant for Formation.

Fr. Mike Tyrrell, who is already the Province Treasurer, will pick up the reins as the Provincial’s Executive Assistant. Some guys get to have all the fun.

Jack Bentz, SJFor 12 years, Fr. Steve Lantry has served the Oregon Province as Vocation Director, working with every man who has entered our novitiate. (And a number who didn’t.) This year’s entrance class will be his last. He will be replaced by Fr. Jack Bentz, who has been serving as his right hand man. Steve will continue his fine work as pastor at St. Leo’s parish in Tacoma.

After a long stint as retreat director at the Holy Spirit Center in Anchorage, Fr. Vince Beuzer will move to Tacoma to work in spiritual ministry. He’ll be living in the Jesuit community at Bellarmine Prep, regaling his companions with tales from the Arctic.

And for all those who are still missing Fr. Paul Fitterer at Seattle Preparatory School – good news! This summer he will be returning there after completing his work as the assistant novice director in Portland.

Steve Kieta, SJ

Fr. Mark McGregor, who has been teaching communication arts at Gonzaga University, is moving to Missoula to become superior of the Jesuit community there. He will also be assisting at St. Francis Xavier parish.

Two of our younger men who have completed their studies will begin regency assignments this fall. Mr. Dan Spotswood is assigned to teach at Gonzaga Prep and Mr. George Teodoro will teach at Seattle Prep. Moving from teaching at a middle school to lecturing at a university is a long leap. But Mr. Phil Sutherland, a regent, is up to the task. This coming fall he will begin teaching philosophy at Gonzaga University.

The province is sending off two men for doctoral studies this year. Fr. Chris Hadley will begin his studies in theology at Marquette University and Fr. Steve Kieta will study history at Boston College. There is a prize for whoever finishes first.